Christopher Alan Lewis

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The purpose of this paper was: first, to develop the short six-item form of the Depression-Happiness Scale; and second, to examine evidence of reliability and validity for the short form. Three studies are presented. In the first study, principal components analysis is reported and used to select six items to compose the short form of the scale. In the(More)
OBJECTIVE To (a) investigate the prevalence of type-D personality (the conjoint effects of negative affectivity and social inhibition) in a healthy British and Irish population; (b) to test the influence of type-D on health-related behavior, and (c) to determine if these relationships are explained by neuroticism. METHODS A cross-sectional design was(More)
This article reports two studies aimed at validating the 25-item self-report McGreal and Joseph (1993) Depression-Happiness Scale (D-H S). In the first study, principal component data are reported on the D-H S with 194 respondents. A forced 1-factor solution confirmed the unidimensionality of the scale (item loadings ranged from .38 to .77) and thus the(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the dimensionality of Type-D personality, using taxometric procedures, to assess if Type-D personality is taxonic or dimensional. Type-D personality is treated as a categorical variable and caseness has been shown to be a risk factor for poor prognosis in coronary heart disease. However, at present, there is no direct evidence to support(More)
This paper examines the social-psychological factors often implicated in discussions of terrorist violence/martyrdom, with a particular focus on the role of religion. We offer a brief description of the psychological theories underpinning terrorist research before focusing on social-psychological factors. The roles of psychopathology, irrationality and(More)
Three studies examined the roles of traditional and novel social psychological variables involved in intergroup forgiveness. Study 1 (N = 480) revealed that among the pro-Pinochet and the anti-Pinochet groups in Chile, forgiveness was predicted by ingroup identity (negatively), common ingroup identity (positively), empathy and trust (positively), and(More)
There is great value in exploring the prevalence of school bullying from a cross-national perspective. Smith, Morita, Junger-Tas, Olweus, Catalano, and Slee in 1999 presented a cross-national perspective on the nature, prevalence, and correlates of school bullying that encompassed a wide range of countries. However, Northern Ireland was not included,(More)
Within the field of psychology of religion there has been increasing interest to test established theoretical perspectives with empirical data. One such initiative is concerned with examining theories derived from Freud and has examined the relationship between religiosity and obsessionality. This initiative has become increasingly complex, using a variety(More)