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BACKGROUND Depressive symptoms are a major cause of disability in bipolar disorder and there are few safe and effective treatments. The combination of lamotrigine plus quetiapine potentially offers improved outcomes for people with bipolar depression. We aimed to determine if combination therapy with quetiapine plus lamotrigine leads to greater improvement(More)
Post-operative fatigue is an important subjective problem for surgical patients, but its basis is unknown, and the possibility of a psychological component has been neglected. To investigate its putative physiological and psychological bases, 74 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery were studied. Circulating catecholamine levels were(More)
BACKGROUND Insomnia, defined as repeated difficulties getting or staying asleep, is common in the general population. Such sleep difficulties are a problem in their own right, but increasingly it is being recognised that they may also be a contributory factor in the development of a wide range of mental health problems. Our focus is upon the relationship(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep difficulties might be a contributory causal factor in the occurrence of mental health problems. If this is true, improving sleep should benefit psychological health. We aimed to determine whether treating insomnia leads to a reduction in paranoia and hallucinations. METHODS We did this single-blind, randomised controlled trial (OASIS) at(More)
We describe the development and pilot testing of a novel, web-based, violence risk monitoring instrument for use in community patients with psychoses. We describe the development of the tool, including drawing on systematic reviews of the field, how item content was operationalized, the development of a user interface, and its subsequent piloting.(More)
OBJECTIVES CEQUEL (Comparative Evaluation of QUEtiapine plus Lamotrigine combination versus quetiapine monotherapy [and folic acid versus placebo] in bipolar depression) was a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel group, 2×2 factorial trial that examined the effect of adding lamotrigine and/or folic acid (FA) to quetiapine in bipolar(More)
BACKGROUND Online self-monitoring of mood can be used to investigate differences in course patterns across patient groups. This study explored the feasibility of remote symptom capture with True Colours, a self-rated online mood monitoring tool completed on a weekly basis. METHODS Participants with bipolar disorder (N = 297) completed weekly depression(More)
As satellites become smaller, cheaper, and quicker to manufacture, constellation systems will be an increasingly attractive means of meeting mission objectives. Optimizing satellite constellation geometries is therefore a topic of considerable interest. As constellation systems become more achievable, providing coverage to specific regions of the Earth will(More)
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