Christopher Adjei Okpoti

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Scales of equivalent weight characterizations for the Hardy type inequality with general measures are proved. The conditions are valid in the case of indices 0 < q < p <∞, p > 1. We also include a reduction theorem for transferring a three-measure Hardy inequality to the case with two measures. © 2007 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
There has been lot of projections about the explosive growth of mobile applications and wireless advertising due to high penetration of advance mobile phone around the globe. Recently some form of advertising is being conducted via the wireless devices such as mobile phones, and PDAs. This remarkable development provides opportunity for companies who are(More)
A discrete Hardy-type inequality ( ∑∞ n=1( ∑n k=1dn,kak)un) ≤ C( ∑∞ n=1 a p nvn) is considered for a positive “kernel” d = {dn,k}, n,k ∈ Z+, and p ≤ q. For kernels of product type some scales of weight characterizations of the inequality are proved with the corresponding estimates of the best constant C. A sufficient condition for the inequality to hold in(More)
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