Christopher Ackerman

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This paper presents a solution to the problem of matching personal names in Eng-lish to the same names represented in Arabic script. Standard string comparison measures perform poorly on this task due to varying transliteration conventions in both languages and the fact that Arabic script does not usually represent short vowels. Significant improvement is(More)
We introduce a method for rapidly classifying visual scenes globally along a small number of navigationally relevant dimensions: depth of scene, presence of obstacles, path versus nonpath, and orientation of path. We show that the algorithm reliably classifies scenes in terms of these high-level features, based on global or coarsely localized spectral(More)
Utilizing off the shelf low cost parts, we have constructed a robot that is small, light, powerful and relatively inexpensive (< $3900). The system is constructed around the Beowulf concept of linking multiple discrete computing units into a single cooperative system. The goal of this project is to demonstrate a new robotics platform with sufficient(More)
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