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“Hic Sunt Dracones”: Mapping the Rebellious Social Dynamics of Bel and the Snake from the Daniel and Joseph Competitive Court-tales
Court tales provide narrative depictions of the imagined interface between the rulers of a society and their subjects and can often provide fuel for readings of self and society. Many of theExpand
‘All Things to All People’: 1 Corinthians, Ethnic Flexibility, and Social Identity Theory
Since Judge’s pioneering 1960 monograph on social engagement in early Christian groups there have been a host of further sociological and social-psychological engagements with ancient texts. OneExpand
Altruism: Biological Rationale vs. Christian Love Command
The idea of altruism and self-sacrifice appears counter to a simple view of evolution. While a “survival of the fittest” mindset occurs in some Darwinian views, there are counter-examples of animalsExpand