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Molten wax, spilt wine and mutilated animals: Sympathetic magic in near eastern and early Greek
Le Decret de fondation de Cyrene decrit le serment des colons provenant de Thera, prononce lors de la fondation de Cyrene au 7e s. av. J.-C. Il mentionne, en particulier, la pratique rituelle magiqueExpand
The "Performative Future" in Three Hellenistic Incantations and Theocritus' Second Idyll
ONE OF THE MANY IMPORTANT ADVANCES in Pindaric criticism in the last twenty-five years has been the growing appreciation of his peculiar use of first-person future verbs of singing, praising, orExpand
Aeschylus' ὓμνος δέσμιος ( Eum. 306) and Attic judicial curse tablets
When the Erinyes catch up with Orestes in Athens they find him clutching the archaic wooden statue of Athena and invoking her aid along with that of Apollo ( Eum . 235 ff.). The Erinyes scorn hisExpand
Hephaestus the Magician and Near Eastern Parallels for Alcinous’ Watchdogs
All the scholiasts give the same euhemerizing interpretation: the dogs were statues fashioned so true to life that they seemed to be alive and were therefore able to frighten away any who mightExpand
Taking the "Nestor's Cup Inscription" Seriously: Erotic Magic and Conditional Curses in the Earliest Inscribed Hexameters
This essay argues that the Nestor9s Cup Inscription is not a joke, but rather a magical spell designed to work as an aphrodisiac. It is divided into two parts, the first dealing with the hexametricalExpand
Salvation and female heroics in the parodos of Aristophanes' Lysistrata
The separate entrances of the male and female semi-choruses in Aristophanes' Lysistrata are marked by an unusual bit of stagecraft whose importance to a general theme of the play the salvation ofExpand
An Athenian Tradition of Dactylic Paeans to Apollo and Asclepius: Choral Degeneration or a Flexible System of Non-Strophic Dactyls?
The different epigraphic versions of the so-called Erythraean Paean date from the early fourth century BCE to the mid-second century CE and are generally thought to trace the degeneration of anExpand
Curses, crime detection and conflict resolution at the festival of Demeter Thesmophoros
Abstract At the heart of the Thesmophoria festival lies the story of Persephone and the promise of agricultural fertility, but scholars point out that more seems to be at stake, suggesting that theExpand
Aphrodite's KESTOS and Apples for Atalanta: Aphrodisiacs in Early Greek Myth and Ritual
uses the eca6b ipdi to facilitate her famous deception of Zeus. Deianeira, in a last-ditch effort to save her marriage, mistakenly and tragically destroys her philandering husband, Heracles, when sheExpand