Christopher A . Vassilas

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BACKGROUND Despite a number of reviews advocating psychotherapy for the treatment of depression, there is relatively little evidence based on randomised controlled trials that specifically examines its efficacy in older people. OBJECTIVES To examine the efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatments for depression in older people. SEARCH STRATEGY(More)
A retrospective case-note study of young women admitted for appendicectomy showed that in those patients who had a normal appendix removed, there was a significantly higher rate of admission for parasuicide, before and after the index admission; 27/184 (approximately 15%) compared with 17/368 (approximately 5%) for patients who had an inflamed appendix(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of older people with schizophrenia are living in the community but we still have little data on their clinical presentation, service use and functioning. METHODS All patients over the age of 60 years with a primary diagnosis of a non-affective psychotic disorder who were known to health services were identified in a rural(More)
A questionnaire was sent to all general practitioners (GPs) in Cambridgeshire asking them about their practice in telling patients with dementia or terminal cancer their diagnosis. Although the majority of GPs would always or often tell patients of a diagnosis of terminal cancer, this was not the case in dementia; uncertainty of diagnosis was cited as the(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide rates among young men are rising. Further information about their contacts with services and possible associated stressful life events is necessary. METHOD The sample consisted of all cases where the coroner in the County of Avon had given an inquest verdict of suicide over a 20-month period, together with those who were categorised as(More)
OBJECTIVES To set up and evaluate a multidisciplinary suicide assessment training course for "front-line" clinical staff. METHODS We looked at the impact of two types of training courses: full day Workshops with actors role-playing patients; and a half-day Lecture. Outcome measures included the Suicide Intervention Response Inventory Form 2, a reliable and(More)
The aim of this study was to explore attitudes of elderly patients with depression receiving secondary psychiatric care towards different types of treatment for depression. One hundred patients, recruited from a large teaching hospital in Birmingham, were subjected to structured interviews at which their attitudes towards the effectiveness, likelihood of(More)