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Breast conservation therapy has been the cornerstone of the surgical treatment of breast cancer for the last 20 years; however, recently, the use of mastectomy has been increasing. Mastectomy is one of the most frequently performed breast operations, and with novel surgical techniques, preservation of the skin envelope and/or the nipple-areolar complex is(More)
The efficacy of sentinel lymph node (SLN) surgery requires targeted removal of first-draining nodes; however, frequently more nodes are removed than necessary. [99mTc]tilmanocept (TcTM) is a molecular-targeted radiopharmaceutical specifically designed for SLN mapping. We evaluated technical outcomes of SLN biopsy in breast cancer patients mapped with TcTM +(More)
Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping is common, however question remains as to what the ideal imaging agent is and how such an agent might provide reliable and stable localization of SLNs. 99mTc-labeled nanocolloid human serum albumin (Nanocoll®) is the most commonly used radio-labeled colloid in Europe and remains the standard of care (SOC). It is used in(More)
Breast reconstruction after mastectomy positively affects psychosocial well-being; however, the influence of reconstruction on cancer outcomes is unknown. The objective of our study was to compare survival in reconstructed versus nonreconstructed patients after mastectomy. All consecutive female patients diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and treated(More)
Human acellular tissue matrix (AlloDerm) use in breast reconstruction has become popular. Traditionally used for prosthesis coverage, it is also used in our practice as a filler for lumpectomy defects and a contouring device. However, no report presently exists that describes its appearance on oncologic surveillance studies. We performed a retrospective(More)
INTRODUCTION Several population-based epidemiologic studies have been conducted to evaluate the incidence of oral clefts in different ethnicities in the United States and other countries. The largest studies were performed in white (non-Hispanic) subjects. The highest incidence rates have been reported in Asians and Native Americans. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Dendritic cells (DC) are localized in close proximity to cancer cells in many well-known tumors, and thus maybe a useful target for tumor margin assessment. MATERIALS AND METHODS [(99m)Tc]- cyanine 7 (Cy7)-tilmanocept was synthesized and in vitro binding assays to bone marrow-derived DC were performed. Fifteen mice, implanted with either 4T1(More)
INTRODUCTION The role of regenerative cells in adult human fat is still unfolding. At present, limited clinical studies comparing patient satisfaction with cell-enriched fat transfer (CEFT) to conventional autologous fat transfer (AFT) for aesthetic indications have been performed. Herein, we present our data obtained from patient satisfaction(More)
Breast reconstruction improves the quality of life for mastectomy patients but is underutilized in the United States. This study investigated reconstruction rates for a dual-trained oncologic plastic surgeon to explore how provider-based factors influence reconstruction. We evaluated consecutive mastectomy patients treated at the University of California,(More)