Christopher A Klinger

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Neoplastic metastatic epidural spinal cord compression is a common complication of cancer that causes pain and progressive neurologic impairment. The previous standard treatment for this condition involved corticosteroids and radiotherapy (RT). Direct decompressive surgery with postoperative radiotherapy (S + RT) is now increasingly being chosen by(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing emphasis is being placed on the economics of health care service delivery - including home-based palliative care. AIM This paper analyzes resource utilization and costs of a shared-care demonstration project in rural Ontario (Canada) from the public health care system's perspective. DESIGN To provide enhanced end-of-life care, the(More)
BACKGROUND Why do many patients not die at their preferred location? AIM Analyze system-level characteristics influencing the ability to implement best practices in delivering care for terminally ill adults (barriers and facilitators). DESIGN Cross-country comparison study from a "most similar-most different" perspective, triangulating evidence from a(More)
Using an intrinsic motivation paradigm, the effects of providing different reasons for interacting with a peer were examined in terms of children's subsequent interest in playing with the other child. Children (5 1/2, 7, and 9 years old) were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 conditions and provided with identical information about a child presented on a(More)
The information systems technology of the future will be vastly different from that which is available today. It will allow for not only greater cost savings, but better health care as well. This article explores six areas of change that the information processing industry will become heavily involved in.
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