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BACKGROUND Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is a life-threatening condition considered in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with acute and severe-onset headache. Currently, the practice pattern for suspected SAH is to perform a non-contrasted computed tomography (CT) scan of the head, followed by lumbar puncture (LP) if the CT is negative.(More)
Members of the genus Aeromonas are ubiquitous in nature and have increasingly been implicated in numerous diseases of humans and other animal taxa. Although some species of aeromonads are human pathogens, their presence, density, and relative abundance are rarely considered in assessing water quality. The objectives of this study were to identify Aeromonas(More)
BACKGROUND Recent research has noted low rates of compliance among ED chest pain patients referred for outpatient stress testing. The practice at our institution, a 39,000 visits per year emergency department (ED), is to place chest pain patients considered low risk for acute coronary syndrome in an observation unit for serial biomarker testing and(More)
INTRODUCTION Painful extremity injuries are common patient complaints in resort clinics, urgent care clinics, and emergency departments. We hypothesized that intranasal (IN) sufentanil could provide rapid, noninvasive, effective pain relief to patients presenting with acute extremity injuries. METHODS This was an unblinded, nonrandomized, observational(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Patients with minor traumatic intracranial hemorrhage are frequently admitted to the ICU, although many never require critical care interventions. To describe ICU resource use in minor traumatic intracranial hemorrhage, we assess (1) the variability of ICU use in a cohort of patients with minor traumatic intracranial hemorrhage across(More)
Hand injuries are a common complaint in the emergency department (ED). Oftentimes, these injuries occur in work settings. We report a case of a healthy EMS provider presenting to the ED with a left thumb injury that turned out to be an isolated trapezium subluxation.Using bedside fluoroscopy, the thumb carpometacarpal joint was isolated, injected, and(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency departments (EDs) face increasing patient volumes and economic pressures. These problems have been attributed to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether modifying EMTALA might reduce ED use. METHODS We surveyed ED patients to assess their knowledge of hospitals' obligations to(More)
Chemically strengthened glass features a surface compression and a balancing central tension (CT) in the interior of the glass. A greater CT is usually associated with a higher level of stored elastic energy in the glass. During a fracture event, release of a greater amount of stored energy can lead to frangibility, i.e., shorter crack branching distances,(More)
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