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The use of recombinant gene technologies by the vaccine industry has revolutionized the way antigens are generated, and has provided safer, more effective means of protecting animals and humans against bacterial and viral pathogens. Viral and bacterial antigens for recombinant subunit vaccines have been produced in a variety of organisms. Transgenic plants(More)
The synthesis of selected antigens in plants and their oral delivery has great potential for reducing the costs of vaccine production and administration. The application of this technology requires antigen concentrations in final plant material to be uniform to ensure consistent dosing. In addition, antigen levels should be such as to allow the volume of(More)
Safe, autonomous mobility in rough terrain is an important requirement for planetary exploration rovers. Knowledge of local terrain properties is critical to ensure a rover's safety on slopes and uneven surfaces. Visual features are often used to classify terrain; however, vision can be sensitive to lighting variations and other effects. This paper presents(More)
Advances in the development of subunit vaccines and in the production of foreign proteins in plants together offer the prospect of stable and inexpensive vaccine delivery systems. Various bacterial and viral proteins stably produced in plants have been shown to elicit immune responses in feeding trials. We have extended this approach by using Zea mays as(More)
Guidelines for designing information charts (such as bar charts) often state that the presentation should reduce or remove 'chart junk' - visual embellishments that are not essential to understanding the data. In contrast, some popular chart designers wrap the presented data in detailed and elaborate imagery, raising the questions of whether this imagery is(More)
One of the main approaches for creating metadata for learning resources in adaptive e-learning systems has been through the use of semantic web ontologies. This approach is limiting because it doesn't usually address a requirement for the support of annotators or the requirement for significant effort by annotators in learning ontological metadata domains(More)
The availability of foods low in sugar content yet high in flavour is critically important to millions of individuals conscious of carbohydrate intake for diabetic or dietetic purposes. Brazzein is a sweet protein occurring naturally in a tropical plant that is impractical to produce economically on a large scale, thus limiting its availability for food(More)
Effective distributed user modelling in intelligent tutoring systems requires the integration of both pedagogical and domain applications. This integration is difficult, and often requires rebuilding applications for the specific e-learning environment that has been deployed. This paper puts forth both an architecture and an implementation prototype for(More)