Christophe van Praet

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A novel large input range source-follower based bi-quad filter cell is proposed offering an additional degree of freedom to the position of the poles and zeros. Simulation results of a 4th order fully differential elliptical filter in a 0.13 μm CMOS technology confirm a power consumption of 160 μA @ 1.2 V, an IIP3 of 6.3 dBm and a steep-ness of 177(More)
This letter proposes a fast parallel and deeply pipelined architecture for realtime H.264 intra 4×4 prediction capable of handling up to 32 High Definition video streams (1920 × 1080 @ 30 fps) simultaneously , while offering high flexibility and consuming only a fraction of resources available on modern FPGA's. The design has been validated on target using(More)
Quarter-pel (q-pel) motion compensation (MC) is one of the features of H.264/AVC that aids in attaining a much better compression factor than what was possible in preceding standards. The better performance however also brings higher requirements for computational complexity and memory access. This article describes a novel data storage and the associated(More)
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