Christophe Viaud

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We describe 5 patients with spinal epidural abscesses in whom computed tomographic scanning confirmed diagnosis without the use of myelography. One patient required urgent surgery because of rapidly deteriorating neurological status, but the other 4 were treated nonsurgically. The medical treatment of these patients and 9 others described in the literature(More)
A syringoperitoneal shunt is a one-way drain that empties cerebrospinal fluid from the pathological syringomyelic cavity into the abdomen. This treatment technique is based on the principle that the signs and symptoms of syringomyelia are caused by insidious interference with the condition of nerve signals in the spinal cord tracts due to either tearing or(More)
A new surgical technique for the treatment of cerebral ischemia is reported. A scalp artery is freed and placed in contact with the cerebral cortex after craniotomy and opening of the dura mater. Thirty such operations have been performed over a period of 2 years. An analysis of the results, advantages and disadvantages, and indications for this type of(More)
Diastematomyelia is rarely diagnosed in adulthood, and apparently 8 cases only have been reported. We report here a 59 year-old woman who recently experienced backpain with irradiations to lower limbs, mild distal weakness and sphincter disturbances. Diastematomyelia was suspected because of a history of lumbar "cutaneous malformation" operated when 4 month(More)
In order to investigate the potential of fluorescence spectroscopy to characterise meat emulsions and frankfurters, a split-plot design comprising three factors at three levels each, i.e. fat/lean ratios (0.25, 0.7 and 1.5), chopping speed (1000, 2000 and 3000 rpm) and chopping time (1, 3 and 7 min), was considered. Principal component analysis and(More)