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Staging the World: The Devils as Theatrum Mundi
When Ken Russell's film The Devils was released in 1971 it generated a tidal wave of adverse criticism. The film tells the story of a libertine priest, Grandier, who was burnt at the stake forExpand
Reader, I Groomed Him: Gie Laenen's Juvenile Novels as Paedophile Seduction
This article considers whether the youth novels of Gie Laenen, a Flemish author who was convicted of the sexual abuse of teenage boys, can be read as a grooming tool for the way they offer positiveExpand
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Pandaemonium: Ken Russell's Artist Biographies as Baroque Performance
Ken Russell (1927-2011) was a renegade talent and the self-styled enfant terrible of British cinema. His legacy as a film-maker consists of a large number of films on the lives of artists, mainlyExpand
Blowing the Morte: The Rites of Manhood in William Rayner's Stag Boy
William Rayner’s young adult novel Stag Boy (1972) is often discussed in surveys of children’s literature as a classic title, but it has received little probing critical attention. This articleExpand
The postfeminist biopic. Narrating the lives of Plath, Kahlo, Woolf and Austen
Academic interest in biographical films, or biopics, is a relatively recent phenomenon. Systematic study only began with George F. Custen’s Bio/Pics: How Hollywood Constructed Public History (1992)...