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The Bidirectional Associative Memory (BAM) is a type of artificial neural network that was shown to bear great performances in learning and recalling various types of associations. However, this model has always been investigated under optimal conditions in which all the patterns have the same desirability and the network is fully connected. In this paper,(More)
Research has shown that human beings are able to perform various associations, whether linearly separable or nonlinearly separable, with little effort. While bidirectional associative memory (BAM) models show great promise in modeling various types of associations the humans perform, they still have difficulties with solving various types of nonlinearly(More)
Previous research has shown that Bidirectional Associative Memories (BAM), a special type of artificial neural network, can perform various types of associations that human beings are able to perform with little effort. However, considering a simple association problem, such as associating faces with names, iterative type BAM networks usually take hundreds(More)
Classical syllogistic reasoning, also known as Aristotelian reasoning, is of particular interest in cognition. Such reasoning, which can seem simple at first, is known to be associated with high error rates. Although some research has been done on this topic, the underlying mechanisms used by human beings remain largely unknown. To understand the underlying(More)
System Factorial Technology is a recent methodology for the analysis of information processing architectures. SFT can discriminate between three processing architectures, namely serial, parallel and coactive processing. In addition, it can discriminate between two stopping rules, self-terminating and exhaustive. Although the previously stated architectures(More)
Bidirectional Associative Memories (BAMs) are artificial neural networks that can learn and recall various types of associations. Although BAMs have shown great promise at modeling human cognitive processes, these models have often been investigated under optimal conditions in which the network is fully connected. Whereas some BAM models have shown to be(More)
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