Christophe Sauvey

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In this paper, we consider hybrid flow shop (HFS) scheduling problem with a special blocking constraint. Objective function is makespan minimization. HFS and RCb blocking constraint are firstly presented. Then, an integer linear model is presented to find the optimal solution and a lower bound is proposed for high size problems. In order to faster obtain a(More)
Jobshop problem is one of the most difficult classical scheduling problems. Very simple special cases of jobshop problem are strongly NP-hard. This paper deals with makespan minimization in jobshop scheduling problems with a specific blocking constraint met in several industrial problems. We also propose and define another new type of blocking constraint.(More)
Optimization issues in Heath care have become noticeably important keen interest, for more than three decades, for the operational research community. The planning of operating rooms is a difficult process. Its real complexity results from various sources of variability. In this work, we consider one of the key sources of variability, specifically(More)
This paper addresses a hybrid job shop problem with identical machines, where several blocking constraints can be taken into account in a same problem. A mathematical linear integer model is proposed to be able to solve optimally the problem with commercial software. Since this problem is NP-hard, we developed an evaluation function in order to be able to(More)
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