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We design several single-photon-sources based on the emission of a quantum dot embedded in a semiconductor (GaAs) nanowire. Through various taper designs, we engineer the nanowire ends to realize efficient metallic-dielectric mirrors and to reduce the divergence of the far-field radiation diagram. Using fully-vectorial calculations and a comprehensive(More)
The efficiency of conventional diffractive optical elements with échelette-type profiles drops rapidly as the illumination wavelength departs from the blaze wavelength. We use high dispersion of artificial materials to synthesize diffractive optical elements that are blazed over a broad spectral range (approximately 1 octave) or for two different(More)
Surface plasmons polaritons (SPP) are charge-density surface waves, confined at the interface between a metal and an insulator. This confinement property makes SPPs good candidates for optoelectronic devices miniaturization. Recently, several groups have used a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) tip [1], [2] to generate surface plasmons via inelastic(More)
Acknowledgments First of all I would like to acknowledge my tutors, Kamel Bencheikh and Ariel Levenson. Kamel for all the day to day support, for being always available and the patience. Ariel for being always there, the support, the positive energy and for always pushing forward. I would like to acknowledge Fabien Bretenaker, Xavier Letartre, Hervé(More)
One challenge in photonics is strongly to confine light in small volumes in order to increase light-matter interaction. Akahane et al. propose a new concept for increasing the lifetime of this interaction, based on tailoring of the Fourier spectrum of cavity modes, which they believe is demonstrated by the surprising enhancement (roughly tenfold) of the(More)
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