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The Dielmo project, initiated in 1990, consisted of long-term investigations on host-parasite relationships and the mechanisms of protective immunity in the 247 residents of a Senegalese village in(More)
Genetic diversity of the merozoite surface antigen-2 gene of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum has been analyzed in a Senegalese village where malaria is holoendemic. A cross-sectional(More)
Three cross-sectional studies were conducted in a representative cohort of individuals living continuously in an area holoendemic for malaria in Senegal. Plasma from 145 children and adults were(More)
We have shown previously that in Dielmo, a Senegalese village with intense perennial Plasmodium falciparum transmission, the infection complexity and the distribution of some allelic types harbored(More)