Christophe Prange

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„his p—per is devoted to the —symptoti™ —n—lysis of ˜ound—ry l—yers in periodi™ homogeniz—tionF ‡e investig—te the ˜eh—viour of the ˜ound—ry l—yer ™orre™torD de(ned in the h—lfEsp—™e Ωn,a := {y · n − a > 0}D f—r —w—y from the ˜ound—ry —nd prove the ™onvergen™e tow—rds — ™onst—nt ve™tor (eldD the ˜ound—ry l—yer t—ilF „his pro˜lem h—ppens to depend strongly(More)
This paper is concerned with the homogenization of the Dirichlet eigenvalue problem, posed in a bounded domain Ω ⊂ R 2 , for a vectorial elliptic operator −∇·A ε (·)∇ with ε-periodic coefficients. We analyse the asymptotics of the eigenvalues λ ε,k when ε → 0, the mode k being fixed. A first-order asymptotic expansion is proved for λ ε,k in the case when Ω(More)
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