Christophe Pradère

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Three-dimensional terahertz computed tomography has been used to investigate dried human bones such as a lumbar vertebra, a coxal bone, and a skull, with a direct comparison with standard radiography. In spite of lower spatial resolution compared with x-ray, terahertz imaging clearly discerns a compact bone from a spongy one, with strong terahertz(More)
Turbulent thermal convection in half a soap bubble heated from below displays a new and surprising transition from intermittent to nonintermittent behavior for the temperature field. This transition is observed here by studying the high order moments of temperature increments. For high temperature gradients, these structure functions display Bolgiano-like(More)
A new method based on the thermal quadrupoles technique for heat transfer modelling in multilayered slabs with heat sources is proposed. Classical thermal quadrupoles use hyperbolic functions and numerical problems occur according to the argument value that depends on thermophysical and geometrical properties as well as characteristics times. We propose a(More)
Silver nanowire transparent electrodes have shown considerable potential to replace conventional transparent conductive materials. However, in this report we show that Joule heating is a unique and serious problem with these electrodes. When conducting current densities encountered in organic solar cells, the average surface temperature of indium tin oxide(More)
We have combined InfraRed thermography and thermal wave techniques to perform microscale, ultrafast (microsecond) temperature field measurements. The method is based on an IR camera coupled to a microscope and synchronized to the heat source by means of phase locked function generators. The principle is based on electronic stroboscopic sampling where the(More)
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We defined the Terahertz Thermal Converters concept to design a device for 2D THz imaging. Coupled to an infrared temperature flux sensors, we demonstrate an absolute auto-calibrated Terahertz power-meter (>10µW) enable to characterized THz spatial beam profile of CW sources.
Coupling optical and thermal properties of a terahertz (THz) thermal converter based on the Seebeck effect provides an unsupplied room-temperature measuring device dedicated to THz power metrology. Performance characteristics such as broadband response (0-30 THz), high sensitivity (<25 μW·Hz(-0.5)), and the possibility to develop an internal absolute(More)