Christophe Poulain

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— Applying high level parallel runtimes to data/compute intensive applications is becoming increasingly common. The simplicity of the MapReduce programming model and the availability of open source MapReduce runtimes such as Hadoop, are attracting more users to the MapReduce programming model. Recently, Microsoft has released DryadLINQ for academic use,(More)
We live in an era in which scientific discovery is increasingly driven by data exploration of massive datasets. Scientists today are envisioning diverse data analyses and computations that scale from the desktop to supercomputers, yet often have difficulty designing and constructing software architectures to accommodate the heterogeneous and often(More)
This paper qualitatively explores the performance limits, i.e., energy vs. frequency, of adiabatic logic circuits based on nanoelectromechanical (NEM) switches. It is shown that the contact resistance and the electro-mechanical switching behavior of the NEM switches dictate the performance of such circuits. Simplified analytical expressions are derived(More)
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