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Time resolved observation of the solvation dynamics of a Rydberg excited molecule deposited on an argon cluster-I: DABCO* at short times.
This paper is a joint experimental and theoretical approach concerning a molecule deposited on a large argon cluster. The spectroscopy and the dynamics of the deposited molecule are measured usingExpand
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Spectral characterization in a supersonic beam of neutral chlorophyll a evaporated from spinach leaves.
The observation of the light absorption of neutral biomolecules has been made possible by a method implemented for their preparation in the gas phase, in supersonically cooled molecular beams, basedExpand
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Determination of the ground electronic state in transition metal halides: ZrF.
The spectroscopy of the ZrF radical, produced by a laser ablation-molecular beam experimental setup, has been investigated for the first time using a two-color two-photon (1 + 1') REMPI scheme andExpand
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Spectroscopy of the Ca Dimer on Argon and Helium Clusters by Laser Induced Fluorescence at 380 nm
Laser‐induced‐fluorescence studies of calcium dimer deposited on argon and helium clusters have been performed between 365 and 385 nm. Only the fluorescence of Ca(1P) has been observed both on argonExpand
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Reactive and Inelastic Channels in the Ca*···FCH3 Transition State: A Simple Branching Mechanism.
To study the excited state dynamics between a calcium atom and the CH3F molecule, a Ca···CH3F 1:1 complex has been prepared by a supersonic expansion with laser ablation of calcium metal in the gasExpand
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Raytheon beta site evaluation of Teradyne's PC-based VXI functional test solution
  • B. Hatt, C. Pothier
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  • IEEE AUTOTESTCON Proceedings. IEEE Systems…
  • 24 August 1998
To keep pace with changing business conditions, Raytheon Systems Company has established a list of key objectives that refocus standards for high-speed, low-cost functional test. Raytheon's goal isExpand
Étude des phénomènes de transfert de métaux lourds dans une smectite
Les argiles gonflantes compactees utilisees comme barrieres ouvragees de fond de stockages de dechets urbains, doivent prouver leur efficacite en terme de retention de polluants tout en respectant laExpand
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In vivo and in vitro evaluation of corneal damage induced by 1.57μm laser radiation
Corneal damage thresholds were determined for exposures to 3 ns single pulse emitted at 1.57μm, using clinical observations and histology. The DE50 obtained with comeal beam diameter of 400μm wasExpand
Action spectroscopy of spin forbidden states in the gas phase: A powerful probe for large non-luminescent molecules.
Triplet action spectra of two similar copper porphyrins, copper tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP) and copper octaethylporphyrin (CuOEP), have been studied in the gas phase at low temperatures in theExpand
In vivo and in vitro evaluation of the corneal damage induced by 1573 nm laser radiation
This study involved the corneal effects of the laser beam in infrared at 1573 nm. Investigations were directed toward verifying the limit values by defining the thresholds of corneal damage inExpand
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