Christophe Ponchel

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This paper presents a model to evaluate and select security countermeasures from a pool of candidates. The model performs industrial evaluation and simulations of the financial and technical impact associated to security countermeasures. The financial impact approach uses the Return On Response Investment (RORI) index to compare the expected impact of the(More)
Today’s Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) operating in critical infrastructures (CIs) are becoming increasingly complex; moreover, they are extensively interconnected with corporate information systems for cost-efficient monitoring, management and maintenance. This exposes ICSs to modern advanced cyber threats. Existing security solutions try to prevent,(More)
Severe malaria is characterized by the presence of asexual forms of Plasmodium falciparum in the blood and the presence of one or more OMS 2000 criterion. Imported malaria is defined as malarial infection acquired in an endemic country (often in sub-Saharan Africa) and treated in France. The largest patient group includes African patients, long-term(More)
Research in information security has generally focused on providing a comprehensive interpretation of threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, in particular to evaluate their danger and prioritize responses accordingly. Most of the current approaches propose advanced techniques to detect intrusions and complex attacks but few of these approaches propose well(More)
Autogenic blood transfusion is indispensable in emergency surgery situations involving severe blood loss. It may also be required in some non-emergency surgical and obstetrical situations. The use of blood-sparing techniques as an alternative to autogenic blood transfusions blood loss can be especially beneficial in tropical settings where the risk of viral(More)
Most emergency care facilities in tropical areas are inefficient, underequipped, and quickly overwhelmed by the ever-growing attendance. As a result, mortality is higher than in developed countries. To speak in terms of natural selection would be tantamount to a fatalistic admission of powerlessness to deal with the situation. In Africa, the gross imbalance(More)
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