Christophe Place

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The possibility that the sliding motion of proteins on DNA is influenced by the base sequence through a base pair reading interaction, is considered. Referring to the case of the T7 RNA-polymerase, we show that the protein should follow a noise-influenced sequence-dependent motion which deviate from the standard random walk usually assumed. The general(More)
We introduce a probabilistic model for protein sliding motion along DNA during the search of a target sequence. The model accounts for possible effects due to sequence-dependent interaction between the nonspecific DNA and the protein. Hydrogen bonds formed at the target site are used as the main sequence-dependent interaction between protein and DNA. The(More)
Podosomes are dynamic, actin-containing adhesion structures that collectively self-organize as rings. In this study, we first show by observing osteoclasts plated on bead-seeded soft substrates that podosome assemblies, such as rings, are involved in tension forces. During the expansion of a podosome ring, substrate displacement is oriented outward,(More)
BACKGROUND Violence perpetrated by women is a growing problem. Research has shown that the risk factors associated with women differ from those associated with men and that the risk assessments currently in use are not adequate for predicting violence in women. AIM To develop a clinically relevant, useful tool for an accurate, gender-sensitive assessment(More)
Nucleolin is present in diverse cellular compartments and is involved in a variety of cellular processes from nucleolar structure and function to intracellular trafficking, cell adhesion and migration. Recently, nucleolin has been localized at the mature centriole where it is involved in microtubule nucleation and anchoring. Although this new function of(More)
Mental health nurses do not always feel at ease talking in detail with voice hearers about their experiences. Using the approach of Romme and Escher, a project was developed to support staff on an acute inpatient ward to explore voice hearing with patients. Romme and Escher suggest that a person's own understanding of their voices and their meaning is the(More)
A new method based on combined atomic force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence microscopy observations, is proposed to visualize the insertion of glycosylphosphatidyl inositol (GPI) anchored alkaline phosphatase from buffer solutions into supported phospholipid bilayers. The technique involves the use of 27 nm diameter fluorescent latex beads covalently(More)
This 60 year old male developed a right hemiplegia and aphasia. A C.T. head scan showed a cerebral infarct which appeared hyperdense on a subsequent scan done 18 days after presentation. This was interpreted as indicating a hemorrhagic transformation resulting in discontinuation of anticoagulation therapy. At autopsy, the area of infarction in the left(More)
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