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According to systems consolidation, as hippocampal-dependent memories mature over time, they become additionally (or exclusively) dependent on extra-hippocampal structures. We assessed the recruitment of hippocampal and cortical structures on remote memory retrieval in a performance-degradation resistant (PDR; no performance degradation with time) versus(More)
In the context of multivariate linear regression (MLR) models, it is well known that commonly employed asymptotic test criteria are seriously biased towards overrejection. In this paper, we propose a general method for constructing exact tests of possibly nonlinear hypotheses on the coefficients of MLR systems. For the case of uniform linear hypotheses, we(More)
The hippocampus is involved in spatial memory processes, as established in a variety of species such as birds and mammals including humans. In humans, some hippocampal-dependent memory functions may be lateralized, the right hippocampus being predominantly involved in spatial navigation. In rodents, the question of possible lateralization remains open.(More)
The Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade is based in the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham. It aims to promote research in all aspects of economic development and international trade on both a long term and a short term basis. To this end, CREDIT organises seminar series on Development Economics, acts as a(More)
—Emerging non-volatile memories (NVM) based on re-sistive switching mechanism (RS) such as STT-MRAM, OxRRAM and CBRAM etc., are under intense R&D investigation by both academics and industries. They provide high write/read speed, low power and good endurance (e.g.,) beyond mainstream NVMs, which allow them to be embedded directly with logic units for(More)
We argue that the economic evaluation of health care (cost-benefit analysis) should respect individual preferences and should incorporate distributional considerations. Relying on individual preferences does not imply subjective welfarism. We propose a particular non-welfarist approach, based on the concept of equivalent income, and show how it helps to(More)
The estimation of accuracy and applicability of QSAR and QSPR models for biological and physicochemical properties represents a critical problem. The developed parameter of "distance to model" (DM) is defined as a metric of similarity between the training and test set compounds that have been subjected to QSAR/QSPR modeling. In our previous work, we(More)
New memories, such as non-volatile resistive memories present bright prospect in catering to the ever-growing memory needs. In this paper, we investigate the usage of Oxide Resistive Random Access Memory (OxRRAM) to improve the communication switchboxes of Field-Programmable-Gate-Arrays (FPGAs). We prove the interest of using unipolar OxRRAM in such devices(More)