Christophe Muller

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All of the recent empirical work on the relationship between income inequality and economic growth has used inequality data that are not consistently measured. This paper argues that this is inappropriate and shows that the significant negative correlation often found between income inequality and growth across countries is not robust when income inequality(More)
The hippocampus is involved in spatial memory processes, as established in a variety of species such as birds and mammals including humans. In humans, some hippocampal-dependent memory functions may be lateralized, the right hippocampus being predominantly involved in spatial navigation. In rodents, the question of possible lateralization remains open.(More)
Based on the fact that somatostatin (SST) analogs have given promising results for treatment of hepatocellular cancer, we performed both in vitro and in vivo investigations to define the role of a depot formulation of the long acting SST-analog lanreotide (LAN). A decrease of cells in the S-phase as compared to controls (p<0.03) followed by a significant,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to observe how levels of total cortisol, calculated free cortisol, corticosteroid-binding globulin, and adrenocorticotropic hormone change during the early course of human acute pancreatitis and to describe how these changes affect the development of pancreatic necrosis. DESIGN AND PATIENTS In a total of 109 consecutive patients(More)
According to systems consolidation, as hippocampal-dependent memories mature over time, they become additionally (or exclusively) dependent on extra-hippocampal structures. We assessed the recruitment of hippocampal and cortical structures on remote memory retrieval in a performance-degradation resistant (PDR; no performance degradation with time) versus(More)
Emerging non-volatile memories based on resistive switching mechanisms attract intense R&D efforts from both academia and industry. Oxide-based Resistive Random Acces Memories (OxRAM) gather noteworthy performances, such as fast write/read speed, low power and high endurance outperforming therefore conventional Flash memories. To fully explore new design(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigates the hypothesis that an adrenocorticotropic hormone-analog therapy may ameliorate relative adrenal insufficiency in the early phase of acute necrotizing pancreatitis (NP) by boosting endogenous glucocorticoid production. METHODS Forty Wistar rats with taurocholate-induced NP were divided into 5 groups: the first group(More)
The estimation of accuracy and applicability of QSAR and QSPR models for biological and physicochemical properties represents a critical problem. The developed parameter of "distance to model" (DM) is defined as a metric of similarity between the training and test set compounds that have been subjected to QSAR/QSPR modeling. In our previous work, we(More)