Christophe Mendoza

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We study pairs of identical coupled chaotic oscillators. In particular, we have used Roessler (in the funnel and no funnel regimes), Lorenz, and four-dimensional chaotic Lotka-Volterra models. In all four of these cases, a pair of identical oscillators is asymmetrically coupled. The main result of the numerical simulations is that in all cases, specific(More)
An analytic formalism developed earlier to describe the time evolution of the basic enzyme reaction is extended to fully competitive systems. Time-dependent closed form solutions are derived for the three nominal cases of competition: even, slow and fast inhibitors, allowing for the first time the complete characterization of the reactions. In agreement(More)
Vessel abnormalities are among the most important features in malignant glioma. Vascular endothelial (VE)-cadherin is of major importance for vascular integrity. Upon cytokine challenge, VE-cadherin structural modifications have been described including tyrosine phosphorylation and cleavage. The goal of this study was to examine whether these events(More)
We analytically establish and numerically show that anomalous frequency synchronization occurs in a pair of asymmetrically coupled chaotic space extended oscillators. The transition to anomalous behaviors is crucially dependent on asymmetries in the coupling configuration, while the presence of phase defects has the effect of enhancing the anomaly in(More)
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