Christophe Mazenc

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In this paper, a set of deenitions describing general real number representation systems is presented. Our purpose is to nd a suuciently wide model deenition including classical systems (signed-digit notation, linear numeration systems, p-adic numbers, symmetric level index arithmetic...) but speciic enough to make it possible to build some practical(More)
Described is a large-scale implementation of a Moses-based machine translation system in the United Nations aiming at accelerating the work of translators. The system (called TAPTA4UN) has been trained on extensive parallel corpora in 6 languages. Both automatic and human evaluations are provided. The system is now used in production by professional(More)
Creating very large corpora no longer appears to be a challenge. With the constantly growing amount of born-digital text – be it available on the web or only on the servers of publishing companies – and with the rising number of printed texts digitized by public institutions or technological giants such as Google, we may safely expect the upper limits of(More)
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