Christophe Macri

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The Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) protein EB2 (also called Mta, SM and BMLF1), is an essential nuclear protein produced during the replicative cycle of EBV. EB2 is required for the efficient cytoplasmic accumulation of viral mRNAs derived from intronless genes. EB2 is an RNA-binding protein whose expression has been shown to influence RNA stability, splicing,(More)
Dendritic cell (DC) targeting is a novel strategy to enhance vaccination efficacy. This approach is based on the in situ delivery of antigen via antibodies that are specific for endocytic receptors expressed at the surface of DCs. Here we review the complexity of the DC subsets and the antigen presentation pathways that need to be considered in the settings(More)
The P140 peptide, a 21-mer linear peptide (sequence 131-151) generated from the spliceosomal SNRNP70/U1-70K protein, contains a phosphoserine residue at position 140. It significantly ameliorates clinical manifestations in autoimmune patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and enhances survival in MRL/lpr lupus-prone mice. Previous studies showed that(More)
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