Christophe Lizzi

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The Real-Time Specification for Java/spl trade/ (RTSJ) is an API specification that allows developers to write real-time applications using the Java programming language. Project Mackinac is the code name of Sun Microsystems' RTSJ development effort. This paper reviews the main requirements from the RTSJ itself, presents additional requirements defined by(More)
The work in this paper is a case study. This paper describes how we are provisioning QoS in a real-time distributed object platform able to support power plant control applications. A previous experiment with a modified Java-ChorusOS-ATM platform based on RM-ODP/ReTINA binding objects enhanced our knowledge on QoS based distributed object systems.(More)
We present a scheduling architecture that enables the implementation of deadline-based scheduling policies. The architecture is used to give real-time capabilities to a custom Java virtual machine. This framework retains a clear separation between generic kernel mechanisms and upper level scheduling classes. A pure earliest deadline first algorithm can be(More)
The goal of the project in this paper is to gain experience on QoS (Quality of Service) based distributed system for EDF's power control applications. EDF is the French power utility. QoS is related to time constraints in our case. We adopted a distributed system approach to build our execution platform. The first prototype uses a modified ChorusOS(More)
We present a clock synchronization algorithm, based on recent results on convergence functions, designed to achieve external and internal synchronization over ATM. We take advantage of transmission delay and delay variation control granted by ATM networks to achieve high precision required to ensure real-time capabilities or distributed data coherence.(More)
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