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Boosting Systematic Search by Weighting Constraints
A dynamic and adaptive variable ordering heuristic which guides systematic search toward inconsistent or hard parts of a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) and which avoids some trashing by first instantiating variables involved in the constraints that have frequently participated in dead-end situations. Expand
Constraint Networks
1. An obvious bad use of “copy and paste”. Definition 3.28, Page 151, replace every occurrence of generalized arc-inconsistent by generalized arc-consistent. You should obtain: DEFINITIONExpand
A Study of Residual Supports in Arc Consistency
It is proved that AC3rm (AC3 with multi-directional residues) is optimal for low and high constraint tightness, and experimental results clearly show that exploiting residues allows enhancing MAC and SAC algorithms. Expand
Random constraint satisfaction: Easy generation of hard (satisfiable) instances
A formal analysis shows that it is possible to generate forced satisfiable instances whose hardness is similar to unforced satisfiable ones. Expand
STR2: optimized simple tabular reduction for table constraints
An optimization of simple tabular reduction (STR), a technique proposed by J. Ullmann to dynamically maintain the tables of supports when generalized arc consistency (GAC) is enforced/maintained, allows us to limit the number of operations related to validity checking and search of supports. Expand
Generalized Arc Consistency for Positive Table Constraints
A new algorithm to establish Generalized Arc Consistency on positive table constraints, i.e. constraints defined in extension by a set of allowed tuples, that can be easily grafted to any generic GAC algorithm and admits on some instances a behaviour quadratic in the arity of the constraints. Expand
A Greedy Approach to Establish Singleton Arc Consistency
The principle of the two algorithms introduced in this paper involves performing several runs of a greedy search (where at each step, arc consistency is maintained), an original illustration of applying inference (i.e. establishing singleton arc consistency) by search. Expand
Recording and Minimizing Nogoods from Restarts
In this paper, nogood recording is investigated for CSP within the randomization and restart framework. Our goal is to avoid the same situations to occur from one run to the next ones. MoreExpand
XML Representation of Constraint Networks: Format XCSP 2.1
Any instance of the problems CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem), QCSP, QCSP and WCSP can be represented using this format, which allows us to reference global constraints. Expand
Extracting MUCs from Constraint Networks
This paper proposes an original approach that involves performing successive runs of a complete backtracking search, using constraint weighting, in order to surround an inconsistent part of a network, before identifying all transition constraints belonging to a MUC using a dichotomic process. Expand