Christophe Lau

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Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD), dibenzofurans (PCDF) selected chlorinated pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and some volatile organic compounds (VOC) were analysed in the exhaust fumes of candles made from different waxes and finishing materials. To guarantee defined burning conditions a chamber was developed for the sampling of(More)
The ALTO project (Accélérateur Linéaire auprès du Tandem d’Orsay) will provide an electron beam available at IPN Orsay at the end of 2005. The maximum energy will be 50MeV with a maximum average intensity of 10mA. It will be used for photofission in UCx targets. With the same target as that already used on the PARRNE set up it will be possible using ALTO to(More)
The ALTO facility at IPN Orsay is based on a linear electron accelerator (50 MeV, 10μA) dedicated to the production of neutron rich radiactive beams by photofission of a thick uranium carbide target paced on an ISOL line. The construction of the facility has ended in december 2005 and the first on-line tests have been carried out in mid-2006. The production(More)
In the framework of the PARRNe program (Production d Atomes Radioactifs Riches en Neutrons) of IPN Orsay, various techniques are currently used to characterize the release properties of elements of interest from a UCX target. On-line studies have been carried out with two plasma ion sources: a Nier–Bernas and a hot plasma ISOLDE-type (the ISOLDE(More)
The capacity of uranium carbide target materials of different structure and density for production of neutron-rich and heavy neutron-deficient nuclides have been investigated. The yields of Cs and Fr produced by a 1 GeV proton beam of the PNPI synchrocyclotron and release properties of different targets have been measured. The comparison of the yields and(More)
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