Christophe Langrume

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Total sleep deprivation in humans is associated with increased daytime sleepiness, decreased performance, elevations in inflammatory cytokines, and hormonal/metabolic disturbances. To assess the effects of 40 h of total sleep deprivation (TSD) under constant and well controlled conditions, on plasma levels of TNF-α and its receptor (TNFR1), interleukin-6(More)
Sleep disorders are associated with inflammation and sympathetic activation, which are suspected to induce endothelial dysfunction, a key factor in the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Less is known about the early effects of acute sleep deprivation on vascular function. We evaluated microvascular reactivity and biological markers of endothelial(More)
INTRODUCTION Laser-Doppler flowmetry (LDF) coupled with acetylcholine chloride (ACh) iontophoresis is increasingly recognized as a reliable non-invasive method to study the endothelial function. However, ACh-vasodilation measurement appears highly variable possibly due to the ACh pharmacological properties itself. These problems may be partially overcome by(More)
BACKGROUND A pilot's workload induces autonomic nervous system modulations which could be related to a decrease of vigilance that could impair safety. Kinetics during flight and recovery are not well known. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess linear and nonlinear heart rate variability (HRV) modulations and vigilance during a high mental(More)
Physical exercise induces neuroprotection through anti-inflammatory effects and total sleep deprivation is reported an inflammatory process. We examined whether 7 weeks of exercise training attenuates markers of inflammation during total sleep deprivation (24-h wakefulness) in the rat brain and periphery. Four groups of 10 rats were investigated: Sedentary(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate stress markers, mood states, and sleep indicators in high-level swimmers during a major 7-days competition according to the outcomes. Nine swimmers [six men and three women (age: 22 ± 2 and 22 ± 4 years, respectively)] were examined. Before (PRE) and after (POST) each race (series, semi-finals, and finals), salivary(More)
In order to investigate the impact of pea canopy architecture and development on microclimate and infection by Mycosphaerella pinodes, two field experiments were conducted in 2009 and 2010 at Le Rheu (France) to obtain canopies contrasted in height, closure dynamic, leaf area index (LAI) and leaf area density (LAD). Three pea cultivars (Athos, Antares,(More)
BACKGROUND High workload during combat missions is a critical factor in the use of modern aircraft. Our objective was to evaluate the impact of piloting in war zones on the kinetics of the sympathovagal balance during recovery. METHODS There were 40 military pilots who were monitored during operational flights in Afghanistan. Electrocardiographic activity(More)
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