Christophe Krzeminski

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We investigate electron and hole mobilities in strained silicon nanowires (Si NWs) within an atomistic tight-binding framework. We show that the carrier mobilities in Si NWs are very responsive to strain and can be enhanced or reduced by a factor >2 (up to 5×) for moderate strains in the ± 2% range. The effects of strain on the transport properties are,(More)
Self-aligned single-dot memory devices and arrays were fabricated based on arsenic-assisted etching and oxidation effects. The resulting device has a floating gate of about 5-10 nm, presenting single-electron memory operation at room temperature. In order to realize the final single-electron memory circuit, this paper investigates process repeatability,(More)
High-density packing in organic crystals is usually associated with an increase of the coordination between molecules. Such a concept is not necessarily extended to two-dimensional molecular networks self-assembled on a solid surface, for which we demonstrate the key role of the surface in inducing the optimal packing. By a combination of scanning tunneling(More)
We present a new fully self-aligned single-electron memory with a single pair of nano floating gates, made of different materials (Si and Ge). The energy barrier that prevents stored charge leakage is induced not only by quantum effects but also by the conduction-band offset that arises between Ge and Si. The dimensions and position of each floating gate(More)
Silicon nanostructure patterning with tight geometry control is an important challenge at the bottom level. In that context, stress based controlled oxidation appears to be an efficient tool for precise nanofabrication. Here, we investigate the stress-retarded oxidation phenomenon in various silicon nanostructures (nanobeams, nanorings and nanowires) at(More)
by performing electrodeless time-resolved microwave conductivity measurements, the efficiency of charge carrier generation, their mobility, and the decay kinetics on photoexcitation were studied in arrays of Si nanowires grown by the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism. Large enhancements in the magnitude of the photoconductance and charge carrier lifetime are(More)
The localized deformation of molecular monolayers constrained between the spherical surfaces of Au nanoparticles is studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations. Alkyl or polyethylene glycol long-chain molecules were homogeneously distributed over the curved Au surface, pushed against each other by repeated cycles of force relaxation and(More)
We analyze the effect of an external electric field on the electronic structure of molecules which have been recently studied as molecular wires or diodes. We use a self-consistent tight binding echnique which provides results in good agreement with ab initio calculations and which may be applied to a large number of molecules. The voltage dependence of the(More)