Christophe Irniger

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The task considered in this paper is performance evaluation of region segmentation algorithms in the ground-truth-based paradigm. Given a machine segmentation and a ground-truth segmentation, performance measures are needed. We propose to consider the image segmentation problem as one of data clustering and, as a consequence, to use measures for comparing(More)
Structural pattern representations, especially graphs, have advantages over feature vectors. However, they also suffer from a number of disadvantages, for example, their high computational complexity. Moreover, we observe that in the field of statistical pattern recognition a number of powerful concepts emerged recently that have no equivalent counterpart(More)
This paper is concerned with time series of graphs and proposes a novel scheme that is able to predict the presence or absence of nodes in a graph. The proposed scheme is based on decision trees that are induced from a training set of sample graphs. The work is motivated by applications in computer network monitoring. However, the proposed prediction method(More)