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The purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility of in vivo diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and tractography of the human median nerve with a 1.5-T MR scanner and to assess potential differences in diffusion between healthy volunteers and patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve was examined in 13 patients and 13 healthy volunteers with(More)
String matching is the problem of finding all the occurrences of a pattern in a text. We present a new method to compute the combinatorial shift function (" matching shift ") of the well-known Boyer–Moore string matching algorithm. This method implies the computation of the length of the longest suffixes of the pattern ending at each position in this(More)
Dans cet article, nousétudions la complexité exacte duprobì eme du calcul de toutes les occurrences d'un motif dans un texte par des algorithmes qui, comme celui de Knuth, Morris et Pratt, n'ont accès au texte qu'au travers une fenêtre glissante de longueur 1, en supposant que l'alphabet est inconnu des algorithmes et contient au moins deux lettres. Nous(More)
In this column, the following books are reviewed: 1. Games and Mathematics: Subtle Connections, by David Wells. Reviewed by S. C. Coutinho. This is a (mostly non-technical) book that explores the mathematical nature of games. In addition, and more extensively, it discusses the game-like nature of mathematics through a variety of mathematical examples. 2.(More)
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