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Absence of band 3, associated with the mutation Coimbra (V488M) in the homozygous state, caused severe hereditary spherocytosis in a young child. Although prenatal testing was made available to the parents, it was declined. Because the fetus stopped moving near term, an emergency cesarean section was performed and a severely anemic, hydropic female baby was(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of our study was to compare the efficacy and safety of intravenous thrombolysis of cerebral ischemia as it has been established in a distant hospital (DH) through telemedicine tools or in neurovascular unit of the University Hospital of Besançon. METHOD Our work was conducted retrospectively at the University Hospital of Besançon from(More)
Osteotomies around the knee address lower limb deformities that affect the leg posture and especially the knee joint. Knee arthritis is a very common age-related joint disease that can be treated with osteotomy, as an alternative to knee replacement by implants. The pre-operative planning process is demanding and significantly determines the surgical(More)
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