Christophe Gaston

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We propose an approach to test whether a system conforms to its specification given in terms of an Input/Output Symbolic Transition System (IOSTS). IOSTSs use data types to enrich transitions with data-based messages and guards depending on state variables. We use symbolic execution techniques both to extract IOSTS behaviours to be tested in the role of(More)
In a component oriented approach, components are designed, developed and validated in order to be widely used. However one cannot always foresee which specific uses will be made of components depending on the system they will constitute. In this paper we propose an approach to test each component of a system by extracting accurate behaviours using(More)
In a Model Driven Design process, model refinement method-ologies allow one to denote system behaviors at several levels of abstraction. In the frame of a model-based testing process, benefits can be taken from such refinement processes by extracting test cases from the different intermediate models. As a consequence, test cases extracted from abstract(More)
—In this paper, we pursue our works on generic modeling and conformance testing of component-based systems. Here, we extend our theory of conformance testing to the testing of component-based systems. We first show that testing a global system can be done by testing its components thanks to the projection of global behaviors onto local ones. Secondly, based(More)
In this paper, we investigate the formal specification of features and feature systems in the mathematical paradigm often called " logic-independent " , and formally capture in this paradigm the underlying important notions of feature integration and feature interactions. The complexity of real systems results in the definition of formal means to manage(More)