Christophe Dorrer

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—We demonstrate the measurement of waveforms and eye diagrams at high bit rates by optical sampling using coherent detection. By simultaneously recording two orthogonal quadra-tures of the interference between the data stream and a sampling pulse with two balanced detectors, we are able to cancel the phase sensitivity inherent to linear optics. As the(More)
We have measured the joint Q-function of a highly multimode field using unbalanced heterodyne detection with a charge-coupled device array detector. We use spectral interferometry between a weak signal field and a strong, 100 fs duration local oscillator pulse to reconstruct the joint quadrature amplitude statistics of about 25 temporal modes. By adjusting(More)
Using sonograms and phase retrieval we experimentally investigate the pattern dependence of the amplitude and phase dynamics, the linewidth enhancement factor, and the chirp of a data-modulated 1.55µm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). 1 Introduction Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) operating at a wavelength of 1.55µm are new(More)
Methods for the characterization of the time-dependent electric field of short optical pulses are reviewed. The representation of these pulses in terms of correlation functions and time-frequency distributions is discussed, and the strategies for their characterization are explained using these representations. Examples of the experimental implementations(More)
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