Christophe Di Giorgio

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A collection of homologous monodisperse facial amphiphiles consisting of an α-, β- or γ-cyclodextrin (α, β or γCD) platform exposing a multivalent display of cationic groups at the primary rim and bearing hexanoyl chains at the secondary hydroxyls have been prepared to assess the influence of the cyclooligosaccharide core size in their ability to complex,(More)
The determination of the viscoelastic properties of cells by atomic force microscopy (AFM) is mainly realized by looking at the relaxation of the force when a constant position of the AFM head is maintained or at the evolution of the indentation when a constant force is maintained. In both cases the analysis rests on the hypothesis that the motion of the(More)
A cyclic molecule including a hexameric PNA sequence has been designed and synthesized in order to target the TAR RNA loop of HIV-1 through the formation of a "kissing complex". For comparison, its linear analogue has also been investigated. The synthesis of the cyclic and linear PNA has been accomplished following a liquid-phase strategy using mixed PNA(More)
Molecular motors transport various cargoes including vesicles, proteins and mRNAs, to distinct intracellular compartments. A significant challenge in the field of nanotechnology is to improve drug nuclear delivery by engineering nanocarriers transported by cytoskeletal motors. However, suitable in vivo models to assay transport and delivery efficiency(More)
While Abrikosov vortices repel each other and form a uniform vortex lattice in bulk type-II superconductors, strong confinement potential profoundly affects their spatial distribution eventually leading to vortex cluster formation. The confinement could be induced by the geometric boundaries in mesoscopic-size superconductors or by the spatial modulation of(More)
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