Christophe Daugeron

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A new dance fly (Empididae: Empidinae) with hugely modified male fore tarsus, either on the right, left, both or neither sides, is described from Japan. Such massive polymorphic asymmetry occurring with so high an incidence in a population is previously unreported. In view of the courtship behaviour of other Empidinae, we hypothesize that the oversized(More)
Pollination is one of the most important ecosystem services and bees the most important pollinators. As a population decline of bees has been documented in numerous regions of the world, it is crucial to develop understanding on other possible pollinators. Here, we study the potential pollination impact of Diptera, and among them Empidinae, in an alpine(More)
The tribe Empidini (Diptera: Empididae: Empidinae) is a diverse group with fourteen genera, seven of which are exclusive to the Neotropical region: Bolrhamphomyia Rafael, Chilerhamphomyia Rafael, Hystrichonotus Collin, Lamprempis Wheeler and Melander, Macrostomus Wiedemann, Opeatocerata Melander and Porphyrochroa Melander. Although Empidini itself is likely(More)
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