Christophe Crouzet

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INTRODUCTION On March 30, 2010, AFSSAPS (sanitary French) issued a medical alert about breast implants "Poly Implant Prothese" (PIP), because it was shown that its failure rate was higher than of other manufacturers. This alert was accompanied by a suspension of sales and use of breast implants PIP. Since the announcement of this decision, the Institut(More)
In recent years, the market for resorbable injectables has been steadily expanding. The European Community's seal of approval (CE) is a sufficient guaranty to get them distributed. These injectables do not require official approval because they are considered to be "implantable medical devices" and not medicines. Macrolane(®)is a hyaluronic acid in gel form(More)
BACKGROUND Troponin I (TnI) is an important prognostic marker and risk-stratification tool in patients with pulmonary embolism (PE). However, the best timing for this biomarker measurement is still unclear. OBJECTIVE To analyse the kinetics of TnI in patients hospitalised for PE in order to better ascertain the evolution of the biomarker in this disease.(More)
Enucleation frequently and progressively causes an enophtalmus and atrophia of the inferior eyelid, thereby leading to a height deficiency. Buccal mucous grafts give rise to phenomena such as secondary retraction. This may have complex and painful post-operative outcomes. However, when a septal chondromucous graft is performed, the height in the inferior(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical treatment of perineal pressure sores could be done with various fascio-cutaneous or musculo-cutaneous flaps, which provide cover and filling of most of pressure sores after spinal cord injuries. In rare cases, classical solutions are overtaken, then it is necessary to use more complex techniques. We report a case of a made-to-measure(More)
The surgical management of pressure ulcers remains very expensive even if preventive measures and improved care pathways allowed to reduce spending in this domain in recent years. Since 2004, the funding of French hospitals by "fee-for-service" and the needs of saving health spending necessarily compels us to interest ourselves in these purely economic(More)
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