Christophe Coroyer

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This communication concerns Gaussianity tests derived from the skewness and kurtosis measures of process. We use an Edgeworth Expansion (EE) to estimate the sampling distribution of the estimators for the skewness and kurtosis. We investigate the convergence of the sampling distribution to a gaussian using a central limit theorem (CLT) argument. For most of(More)
This study presents a new method for textures clas-siication based on higher order statistics (HOS). We propose the use of third order correlation tools for texture analysis. We compare the performance of three diierent tools : the bicorrelation in the spatial domain, the bispectrum in the frequency domain and the bicor-spectrum which is a spatial/frequency(More)
The model Retina developed by the laboratory LACOS (University of le Havre, France) in collaboration with the A.B. Kogan research institute for neurocybernetics (Rostov-state University, Russia) is a retinal neural network permitting a pre-processing of foveal vision. This model is adaptative and its multi-resolution allows it to detect a large scale of(More)
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