Christophe Choquet

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BACKGROUND Several studies found increased survival times and decreased hospitalization rates since the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of HAART on admission patterns and survival of HIV-infected patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). DESIGN Prospective observational cohort study.(More)
In the context of distance learning and teaching, the re-engineering process needs a feedback on the learners' usage of the learning system. The feedback is given by numerous vectors, such as interviews, questionnaires, videos or log files. We consider that it is important to interpret tracks in order to compare the designer's intentions with the learners'(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the trends in numbers and percentages of sexually exposed persons to HIV (SE) consulting an ED for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), as well as predictors of condom use. STUDY DESIGN We conducted a prospective-observational study. METHODS We included all SE attendances in our Emergency Department (ED) during a seven-year(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of early seizure recurrence (ESR) and to evaluate predictors of ESR among patients attending the Emergency Department (ED) for seizure. METHODS Prospective observational 12-month study in two Paris metropolitan area EDs including all consecutive adult patients presenting after one or more convulsive seizure episodes.(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that emergency department length of stay (ED-LOS) for older patients is longer than average. Our objective was to determine the effect of age, patient's clinical acuity and complexity, and care pathways on ED-LOS and ED plus observation unit (EDOU) LOS (EDOU-LOS). METHODS This was a prospective, multicentre, observational(More)
OBJECTIVE Emergency department (ED) crowding impacts negatively on quality of care. The aim was to determine the association between ED quality and input, throughput and output-associated variables. METHODS This 1-year, prospective, observational, cohort study determined the daily percentage of patients leaving the ED in <4 h (ED quality and performance(More)
OBJECTIVE In October 2009 the French National Authority for Health recommended that HIV testing be proposed at least once to all persons aged 15 to 70 years in all healthcare settings. We examined whether routine HIV screening with a rapid test in emergency departments (EDs) was feasible without dedicated staff, and whether newly diagnosed persons could be(More)
We compared the performance of four rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for imported malaria, and particularly Plasmodium falciparum infection, using thick and thin blood smears as the gold standard. All the tests are designed to detect at least one protein specific to P. falciparum (Plasmodium histidine-rich protein 2 (PfHRP2) or Plasmodium LDH (PfLDH)) and one(More)
Specifications recently proposed as standards in the domain of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), question the designers of TEL systems on how to put them into practice. Recent studies in Model Driven Engineering have highlighted the need for a framework which could formalize the use of these specifications as well as enhance the quality of the(More)