Christophe Chauvin

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Delayed reciprocity is a potentially important mechanism for cooperation to occur. It is however rarely reported among animals, possibly because it requires special skills like the ability to plan a loss. We tested six brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) in such skills. Subjects were studied in exchange tasks in which they had to retain a food item for a(More)
To assess how brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) delay gratification and maximize payoff, we carried out four experiments in which six subjects could exchange food pieces with a human experimenter. The pieces differed either in quality or quantity. In qualitative exchanges, all subjects gave a piece of food to receive another of higher value. When the(More)
It is possible that non-specialised cues transmitted by conspecifics guide animals' food search provided they have the cognitive abilities needed to read these cues. Macaques often check the mouth of their group-mates by olfactory and/or visual inspection. We investigated whether Tonkean macaques ( Macaca tonkeana) can find the location of distant food on(More)
Small-angle neutron scattering from solutions of small RNA viruses has been used to study protein-nucleic acid organisation. In the five viruses investigated the RNA is confined to a sphere of about 100 A radius, with a central hole (with one possible exception). The interpenetration of RNA and protein varies with viruses and seems to be related to the(More)
Mediterranean watercourses are among the most threatened ecosystems worldwide, being increasingly important to understand environmental drivers of biotic assemblages. Our aim was to provide a comprehensive picture of bryophyte communities in Mediterranean rivers and to determine the environmental factors that influence their distribution. We used floristic(More)
The RFQ of the project IPHI [1] is a 8 meter long, high power, very precise tolerances (0.01 mm on 1 meter long for example) device to accelerate protons. This RFQ is similar to the RFQ of the LEDA project. So, we realize a thermal and mechanical studies followed by different tests for machining and brazing copper. We describe in this paper those different(More)
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