Christophe Chapard

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Sequencing DNA fragments associated with proteins following in vivo cross-linking with formaldehyde (known as ChIP-seq) has been used extensively to describe the distribution of proteins across genomes. It is not widely appreciated that this method merely estimates a protein's distribution and cannot reveal changes in occupancy between samples. To do this,(More)
Cohesin stably holds together the sister chromatids from S phase until mitosis. To do so, cohesin must be protected against its cellular antagonist Wapl. Eco1 acetylates cohesin's Smc3 subunit, which locks together the sister DNAs. We used yeast genetics to dissect how Wapl drives cohesin from chromatin and identified mutants of cohesin that are impaired in(More)
The authors report on a case of spinal cord compression due to Dracunculiasis. They study the nine others cases of the literature. In all these cases, the worm was epidural. The extradural guinea worm granuloma was localised at the level of the cervical region or in the upper part of the thoracic region of the spinal canal. Before operation the diagnosis is(More)
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