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We present the case of a 24-year-old-female patient, who made an attempt to autolysis with valproic acid, benzodiazepines and neuroleptic. The valproic acid plasma level was very high (1437 μg/mL), confirming it was a severe intoxication. She presents an acute encephalopathy with prolonged status epilepticus, a lactic metabolic acidosis and hematologic(More)
To evaluate the potential risk of pulmonary damage due to aerial spraying of the insecticide fenitrothion, rat lungs were examined under light and electron microscopy at 3, 7, 21, and 60 days after exposure. Rats were exposed by a "nose-only" apparatus for 1 hr to 2 or 500 mg/m3 of aerosolized fenitrothion (15%) mixed with solvent Cyclosol 63 (35%) and(More)
BACKGROUND Hemodynamic optimization during surgery is of major importance to decrease postoperative morbidity and length of hospital stay. However, conventional cardiac output monitoring is rarely used at the bedside. Recently, the plethysmographic variability index (PVI) was described as a simplified alternative, using plug-and-play noninvasive technology,(More)
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