Christophe C. Marchal

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Defects in myeloid cell function in Rac2 knockout mice underline the importance of this isoform in activation of NADPH oxidase and cell motility. However, the specific role of Rac1 in neutrophil function has been difficult to assess since deletion of Rac1 results in embryonic lethality in mice. To elucidate the specific role of Rac1 in neutrophils, we(More)
From 1960 to 1986, 397 cases of non-metastatic male breast cancer (MBC) treated in 14 French regional cancer centres were reviewed. The median age was 64 years (range 25-93). TNM classification (UICC, 1978) showed seven T0, 79 T1, 162 T2, 31 T3, 74 T4 and 44 unclassified tumours (Tx). Clinical positive lymph nodes were found in 31% of the patients. 24(More)
The hemopoietic-specific Rho family GTPase Rac2 shares 92% amino acid identity with ubiquitously expressed Rac1. Neutrophils from rac2(-/-) mice have multiple defects, including chemoattractant-stimulated NADPH oxidase activity and chemotaxis, which may result from an overall reduction in cellular Rac or mechanisms that discriminate Rac1 and Rac2. We show(More)
Between 1979 and 1990, 149 patients with non-metastatic thymomas were treated in ten French cancer centers. Patients were staged according to the 'GETT' classification, derived from that of Masaoka. There were 13 stage I patients, 46 stage II, 58 stage III and 32 stage IVA. Gross total resections were performed in 63 cases, subtotal resections in 31 cases(More)
The heterodimeric flavocytochrome b558, comprised of the two integral membrane proteins p22phox and gp91phox, mediates the transfer of electrons from NADPH to molecular oxygen in the phagocyte NADPH oxidase to generate the superoxide precursor of microbicidal oxidants. This study uses deletion mutagenesis to identify regions of p22phox required for(More)
OBJECTIVES To conduct a survey of the angiosarcomas developing after breast conservation for carcinoma in the French Cancer Centers, to study the evolution of these cases in detail, and to review literature in an attempt to propose an optimal treatment scheme. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eleven of the 20 French Cancer Centers agreed to research and(More)
The Rho family GTPase Rac is a crucial participant in numerous cellular functions and acts as a molecular switch for signal transduction. Mice deficient in hemopoietic-specific Rac2 exhibited agonist-specific defects in neutrophil functions including chemoattractant-stimulated filamentous actin polymerization and chemotaxis, and superoxide production(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the best strategy for treatment of sarcoma that occurs after radiation therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Records were retrospectively reviewed for 80 patients with a confirmed histologic diagnosis of sarcoma that occurred after radiation therapy performed during 1975-1995. The patients were treated for breast cancer (n = 33, 42%),(More)
Fanconi anemia (FA) is a rare inherited disorder clinically characterized by congenital malformations, progressive bone marrow failure and cancer susceptibility. At the cellular level, FA is associated with hypersensitivity to DNA-crosslinking genotoxins. Eight of 17 known FA genes assemble the FA E3 ligase complex, which catalyzes monoubiquitination of(More)
Vav1 is a hemopoietic-specific Rho/Rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor that plays a prominent role in responses to multisubunit immune recognition receptors in lymphoid cells, but its contribution to regulation of neutrophil functions is unknown. Activated Rho family GTPases are critical participants in neutrophil signaling cascades initiated by binding(More)