Christophe Bartoli

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Lethal injection of potassium chloride (KCl) can be used as a method of either suicide or homicide. As biological tests are still inadequate to differentiate endogenous from exogenous potassium, at the scene of death the cause can only be suspected. We wished to determine the usefulness of conventional pathological examination in this context and carried(More)
In psychiatry, the molecules available and the dosages recommended when a drug receives marketing authorization are not always adequate to treat patients with major behavioral disturbances. Off-label prescribing is frequent in this context, with regard to the indications and the dosages given as well as to the drug combinations used. However, if(More)
Compensation for victims of medical accidents identified as no-fault medical accidents (NFMA) will be financed by national solidarity: this is a major and innovative feature of the Law of March 4, 2002 relative to Patients' Rights. In this review, we analyse the decisions of the regional commission on compensation of medical accidents in the(More)
4 Gennery A. Bloom Syndrome UpToDate1. contents/bloom-syndrome. [Accessed 26 October 2015] 5 Diaz A, Vogiatzi MG, Sanz MM, et al. Evaluation of short stature, carbohydrate metabolism and other endocrinopathies in Bloom’s syndrome. Horm Res 2006; 66:111–117. 6 Aono J, Kataoka Y, Ueda W, et al. Anesthesia for a patient with Bloom’s(More)
Hydrogen sulfide (H(2)S) poisonings are classically reported in occupational settings. We describe an unusual domestic case of fatal acute poisoning by H(2)S inhalation. A mother and her infant daughter were found dead in the kitchen of their home. The emergency medical team described a strong smell of rotten eggs, suggesting acute H(2)S poisoning.(More)
BACKGROUND Drug concentrations obtained from post mortem samples do not necessarily reflect the concentrations at the time of death, and variations of concentration may be observed between different sites and/or different sampling times. These phenomena, collectively termed post mortem redistribution, concern numerous molecules (medications, drugs of abuse,(More)
In France the status of the court expert has undergone a significant change with the adoption of statute no. 2004-130 of 11 February 2004 and its implementing regulations no. 2004-1463 of 23 December 2004. This article looks at the two most outstanding aspects of this change in status: (i) the conditions for registering on a court of appeal list and, (ii)(More)
The fields of application of post-mortem imaging have been exponentially growing for 10 years. Its potential to identify the cause of death in trauma and ballistic cases is now properly documented. In pediatric and perinatal practice, large significant series are less available, except for MRI and central nervous system analysis where scientific evidence is(More)