Christophe Aubé

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BACKGROUND MRI has been proposed for non-invasive detection and quantification of liver iron content, but has not been validated as a reproducible and sensitive method, especially in patients with mild iron overload. We aimed to assess the accuracy of a simple, rapid, and easy to implement MRI procedure to detect and quantify hepatic iron stores. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE Diagnosis and quantification of hepatic fibrosis are especially important in patients with chronic liver disease. Liver biopsy remains the gold standard for diagnosis of cirrhosis but has several limitations. The purpose of this study was to determine the usefulness of diffusion-weighted MR imaging, for the diagnosis of cirrhosis and quantification(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The evaluation of the degree of hepatic fibrosis is especially important in patients with chronic liver disease. The aim of this study was to study the diagnostic accuracy of noninvasive means. METHODS Sixty-three clinical, biochemical (prothrombin index, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase and apolipoprotein A1 levels [PGA score]; and(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to compare the accuracy of MR cholangiopancreatography and endoscopic sonography for the diagnosis of common bile duct stones in patients with a mild to moderate clinical suspicion of common bile duct stones. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Forty-seven patients were prospectively enrolled. Inclusion criteria included acute pancreatitis,(More)
PURPOSE To compare percutaneous radiologic gastrostomy (PRG) and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) in terms of tolerance, efficacy, and survival in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty patients with ALS (17 men; mean age, 66.1 years; range, 39-83 y) underwent 21 PEG and 22 PRG attempts (including three(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of water enema computed tomography (WECT) for the diagnosis of colon cancer. A total of 191 patients referred for clinically suspected colon cancer were prospectively evaluated by WECT in a multicenter trial. Examination was contrast enhanced helical CT after colon filling through a rectal tube. For all the(More)
Few studies have explored the effect of acute pain on attentional networks and on the default mode network. Moreover, these studies convey conflicting results, seemingly caused by design. To reassess this issue, we studied 20 healthy subjects with functional magnetic resonance imaging while delivering painful electric shocks. The design was purposely(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the use of the Vittel criteria in addition to a clinical examination to determine the need for a whole body scan (WBS) in a severe trauma patient. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between December 2008 and November 2009, 339 severe trauma patients with at least one Vittel criterion were prospectively evaluated with a WBS. The following data(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS As a module of a standard ultrasound imaging device, acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) is a new technology for liver stiffness evaluation (LSE). We aimed to evaluate accuracy, feasibility, reproducibility, and training effect of ARFI for liver fibrosis evaluation. METHODS One hundred and one patients with chronic liver disease had(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Evaluation of the degree of hepatic fibrosis is especially important in patients with chronic liver disease. Our aim was to study the diagnostic accuracy of abdominal ultrasonography for cirrhosis or fibrosis. METHODS Twenty-three clinical (n=12) and Doppler ultrasonic (n=11) variables were recorded in 243 patients with chronic (alcoholic(More)