Christoph Witte

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Although invasive measurement of intracranial pressure (ICP) involving high-resolution waveform analysis allows assessment of intracranial compliance (ICC), it is only feasible in a few selected neurosurgical conditions. Intracranial compliance can be assessed using the high-frequency centroid (HFC), which is the power-weighted mean frequency within the 4(More)
BACKGROUND The hazards of operative treatment for variceal hemorrhage and intractable ascites in patients with cirrhosis are well known. Much less information is available on the morbidity and mortality in these patients after abdominal operations not directly related to the sequelae of portal hypertension. STUDY DESIGN We reviewed the records of 77(More)
Ambient notifications can support people in their daily activities, providing courses of action and relevant information in context. A key aspect of ambient notifications is the unobtrusive provision of information, embedded into the users' environment. The number of services which are providing notifications on numerous devices, both mobile and embedded(More)
The world's population is aging, and this shift in demographics will place a high burden on the world's healthcare systems. Smart technology provides a potential method of addressing the demands of these changing demographics. In this paper, we describe the design for a smart calendar that supports elderly people in their daily tasks and activities with the(More)
A growing body of evidence indicates that sudden cardiac death constitutes a major cause of mortality in pulmonary hypertension (PH). As validated method to evaluate cardiac autonomic system dysfunction, alterations in heart rate variability (HRV) are predictive of arrhythmic events, particularly in left ventricular disease. Here, we sought to determine the(More)
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